Rumo app for train drivers


The project

I took part in the research step of the development of a train drivers application for Rumo (formerly ALL), which controls Brazil’s largest rail network. The research was conducted by me and a Project Manager.

The main objective of the App was to improve the comunication betwen the train drivers and the company. At the time, the train driver would have to call everyday to Rumo to ask about his work schedule; he would also have to call Rumo if he wanted to apply for a vacation or notify the company about problems in the railroad.


Different areas of the company were interested in the first version of the app so, in the first part of the research we conducted interviews with the IT, HR, engineering and administrative areas in order to understand everyone's expectations regarding the application.

There was also a brainstorm with different areas, which served as an input for Requirements Analysis.

Brainstorm: What is the main idea of the project? What are the tecnologies that we need?
Understanding the routine at Rumo: train driver studing in a train simulator and part of the IT team


Once the main objective of the application was to improve the communication with the train drivers, we had to understand not only about the users but also about the routine and peculiarities of this work environment. As part of the immersion process, I participated in the training about the Operational Regulation, which teaches basic rules for train maneuvering. I also took a 7-hour trip on the locomotive between Ponta Grossa and Curitiba.

Understanding the routine at Rumo: inside the locomotive and studying the rails

What came next

From the information collected, personas were defined to help develop the first flows and the wireframe, serving as a guide for the creation of prototypes. The first version of the App was created by another team.