Electrolux App - Wash & Dry

User Experience & Interface Design

The project

The connected Wash and Dry project was the first connected appliance developed by Electrolux in Latin America.

The main challenge was to understand the wash and dry process, taking special care in the relation between the App and the Wash and Dry machine. The hardware was also developed especially for this project, making the whole project much more complex and challenging.

Prototype and usability test

From the information provided by Electrolux, several user flows were created and later translated into wireframes. A usability test was performed with a low fidelity prototype to understand the user behaviours and possible improvements.

User Interface

After the usability test, the creation of the User Interface was initiated. Electrolux has a guideline for digital interfaces, and the biggest challenge in this step was to adapt this guideline to all the screens without compromising usability and usage satisfaction.

Icons and new patterns were created during the process to be used in the next Apps developed at Electrolux.


The smart and connected Wash & Dry was released in 2015. It is used as reference for global connected projects inside Electrolux, as it was one of the first apps developed by the company.

I took part in this project while working at Hero99.